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XuzhouMedical University began to recruit M.B.B.S. international students since 2005,MD/MS program in 2012 and PhD program in 2014. XZMU was authorized to hold HSKexam by the Ministry of Education of China and it was the first university HSKsite in Huaihai Economic Zone.

NowXZMU is on the list of authorized universities to recruit internationalstudents by the Ministry of Education of China. Two Batches of internationalstudents have been graduated from the college, of which the Nepali students’medical license exam passing rate reached 100% and 86% separately. With thegeographical advantages (airport available, less than three hours by train toBeijing or Shanghai) and full attention of whole college, the education forinternational student in XZMU developed fast.

Toimprove the campus life, School of International Education of XZMU organizedvarious activities. For example, participate in Sports Meeting, Singing andDancing Competition, Chinese Speech Contest, etc., visit great places such ascultural monuments, parks, social welfare institute, etc. The InternationalStudent Union was also held and be ready to contribute to the study and life inChina. In addition to Jasmine Scholarship of Jiangsu Province,

XZMUprovides the University Scholarship for excellent international students.Meanwhile, School of International Education also provides Dean’s Scholarshipfor international students who have outstanding performance in study, research,life and activities. With the encouragement of provincial and variousuniversity scholarships, there are about 373 undergraduate students, 50 masterand doctoral students from more than 40 different countries studying hard inXZMU.


M.B.B.S. Program

. Duration: 6years (1 year for internship included)

. Curriculum

Major Disciplines: Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine

Main Courses:  

Systematic Anatomy, Regional Anatomy, Histology and Embryology,Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Pathology, Medical Microbiology andImmunology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology,

Epidemiology, Hygiene, Diagnostics,  Diagnostic Radiology,Internal Medicine, Surgery,  Ophthalmology, Traditional Chinese medicine,Infectious Diseases,  Emergency Medicine,  Psychiatry, Neurology, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Obstetrics and Gynecology,  Anesthesiology, Nuclear Medicine,  Rehabilitation Medicine, Geriatrics, Clinical Skills, Medical genetics,  Human Parasitology, Medical Psychology,  Medical Statistics, Document Retrieval, MedicalEthics,  Medical Chinese, Basic Chinese Language,  Introductionto China,  Introduction to Sociology

. Admission Qualifications

1. 18-20 years old with physical and mental health.

2. Applicants must have senior high school diploma or above, allgrades should meet admission standards.

3. English proficiency: If the official language is English, thegrades should meet admission standards. If not, the IELTS score at least 5.5,or the relevant certificates of English as the working and learning languagefor university study.

4. Applicants shall abide by the laws of China and the regulationsof XZMU.


Nursing Program

.Duration: 4 years (1 year for internship included)


Main Courses:  

Introduction to Nursing,Basic Nursing ,Internal Nursing, Surgery Nursing, Pediatrics Nursing, EmergencyNursing, Gynecological Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Psychiatric and NentalHealth Nursing ,Nursing Administration, Chinese Traditional Nursing, etc.

.Admission Qualifications

1. 18-25 years old withphysical and mental health.

2. Applicants must havesenior high school diploma or above, all grades should meet admissionstandards.

3. English proficiency: Ifthe official language is English, the grades should meet admission standards.If not, the IELTS score at least 5.5, or the relevant certificates of Englishas the working and learning language for university study.

4. Applicants shall abide bythe laws of China and the regulations of XZMU.

.Applicationand Registration Time

Application time: 1st January,2018-31st August, 2018

Registration time: Accordingto the time stipulated in the admission letter.


 Master / Doctoral Programs

 Ⅰ. Categories of Applicants:

Applicants for Master /Doctoral program by Self-supporting,Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship or The Principal Foundation of XuzhouMedical University (XZMU)


Ⅱ. Criteria and Eligibility

1.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with physical andmental health.

2.Education background and age limit:

Applicants must have the relevant medical background inBachelor or Master’s study, and meet all requirements of the current admissionnotice.
Applicants for 6-8 years Successive Master-doctorPrograms must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 30.
Applicants for 3-5 years Doctoral Program must have a master's degreeand be under the age of 35.

3.Applicants must agree to obey the relevant laws of the China andregulations of the university.

4. Students apply for clinical masteror doctoral degree program must have HSK 4 certificate. Students applyfor research master or doctoral degree programneedn’t have HSK 4 certificate but they must obtain it before graduation as oneof the requirements of graduation.

Master | 86 programs for admissions

Bachelor | 15 programs for admissions

Doctoral | 6 programs for admissions

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