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TheSouthwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is a top universityspecialized in finance, economics, and business. It is known for itsentrepreurial character and unremitting endeavors to address the needs of thepeople and society through academics, research, and influence on alumni, drawnfrom the legacy of its founders and generations of excellent alumni. SWUFE islocated in Chengdu, the engine-city for the development of Western China andthe fourth-largest aviation hub in China.


  In 2014, SWUFE's School of Business Administration (SBA) became thefirst business school in Western China to be accredited by the European QualityImprovement System (EQUIS). The EFMD Quality Improvement System is a schoolaccreditation system that specializes in higher education institutions ofmanagement and business administration. It is run by the European Foundationfor Management Development (EFMD). As of February 2017, EQUIS has accredited167 institutions in 41 countries around the world. Since 2014, SWUFE nowbelongs to this exclusive group of business schools.


  The university has 27 schools, colleges, and institutes with 33undergraduate majors. SWUFE has approximately 24,000 students of which are16,000 registered full-time undergraduate students. SWUFE is one of theearliest universities to offers graduate programs following the educationreforms in the 1970s. The university has around 8,000 graduate students, ofwhich there are roundabout 6,000 Master degree candidates and 900 doctoraldegree candidates. SWUFE currently has around 600 international students and140,000+ alumni.

The university employs 2000+ facultymembers of which are approximately 250 professors, 490 associate professors,and 260 doctor supervisors. SWUFE was the first institution authorized to grantMBA and CPA credentials in Southwestern China. It offers 4 national keysecond-rate disciplines and 4 post-doctoral research centers. Marketing,Economics, Finance, Financial Management, Statistics, Insurance, law, HumanResource Management at SWUFE are in the national ranking marked feature majors.



  Everyacademic year is divided into three semesters: spring, autumn and summer. Thespring and autumn semesters consist of eighteen-week courses each. The summersemester consists of four-week courses.

  Allbilingual experimental programs are instructed in English.


School of Finance

1.     Finance(MSc in Finance)

2.     Finance(MSc in Management & PhD)

3.     FinancialEngineering (MSc in Management & PhD)

4.     CreditManagement (MSc in Management)

School of Insurance

1.     Insurance(MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     SocialSecurity (MSc in Economics & PhD)

School of Securities and Futures

1.     Finance(MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     Finance(MSc in Finance)

School of Economics

1.     PoliticalEconomy (MSc & PhD)

2.     Historyof Economic Thought (MSc & PhD)

3.     WesternEconomics (MSc & PhD)

4.     WorldEconomy (MSc & PhD)

5.     DevelopmentEconomics (MSc & PhD)

6.     NationalEconomics (MSc & PhD)

7.     RegionalEconomics (MSc & PhD)

8.     NationalDefense Economy (PhD)

Schoolof Business Administration

1.     IndustrialEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     ConsumptionEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

3.     CirculationEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

4.     BusinessAdministration (MSc in Management)

5.     TourismManagement (MSc in Management & PhD)

6.     HumanResources Management (MSc in Management & PhD)

7.     MarketingManagement (MSc in Management & PhD)

8.     Logisticsand Supply Chain Management (MSc in Management & PhD)

9.     EnterpriseManagement (PhD)

School of Accounting

1.     Accounting(MSc in Management & PhD)

2.     AssetEvaluation (MSc in Management & PhD)

3.     Auditing(MSc in Management & PhD)

4.     FinancialManagement (MSc in Management & PhD)

School of Statistics

1.     Statistics(MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     AppliedStatistics (MSc in Economics)

3.     QuantitativeEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

4.     ManagementScience and Engineering (MSc in Economics & PhD)

5.     ProjectManagement (MSc in Economics)

School of Economic Information Engineering

1.     Finance(MSc in Finance)

2.     FinancialTrade and E-Trade (MSc in Finance)

3.     ComputerSoftware and Theory (MSc in Finance)

4.     AppliedComputer Technology (MSc in Finance)

5.     ProjectManagement (MSc in Management)

6.     SoftwareEngineering (MSc in Finance)

7.     BusinessIntelligence (MSc in Finance)

8.     TechnicalEconomics and Management (PhD)

9.     EconomicalInformation Technology and Management (PhD)

School of Law

1.     Law(MSc in Law)

2.     LegalEconomics (MSc in Law & PhD)

3.     LegalTheory (MSc in Law)

4.     CriminalLaw (MSc in Law & PhD)

5.     Civiland Commercial Law (MSc in Law & PhD)

6.     ProceduralLaw (MSc in Law & PhD)

7.     EconomicLaw (MSc in Law & PhD)

8.     InternationalLaw (MSc in Law)

9.     Jurisprudence(PhD)

10. FinancialLaw (PhD)

School of Marxism

1.     BasicPrinciples of Marxism (MSc in Literature)

2.     Studyof Marxism in China (MSc in Literature)

3.     Ideologicaland Political Education (MSc in Literature & PhD)

4.     ChineseModern History Study (MSc in Literature)

School of Public Administration

1.     LaborEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     PublicManagement (MSc in Management)

3.     PolicyScience and Public Management Innovation (MSc in Economics & PhD)

4.     PublicEconomic System and Policy

5.     HumanResources Management (MSc in Management)

6.     Administration(MSc in Management)

7.     SocialMedicine and Health Service Management (MSc in Management)

School of Economic Mathematics

1.     MathematicalFinance (MSc in Finance & PhD)

2.     ManagementScience and Engineering (MSc in Management)

School of Humanities

1.     Journalismand Communication (MA)

2.     EconomicPhilosophy (MA)

3.     Folklore(MA)

4.     AppliedSociology (MA)

5.     MediaManagement (MA)

Department of Physical Education

1.     PhysicalEducation (MSc in Education)

2.     PhysicalManagement (MSc in Management)

3.     CompetitionOrganization (MSc in Management)

4.     Social SportsGuidance (MSc in Management)


West Center for Economic Research

1.     Population,Resource and Environmental Economics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     AgriculturalEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

3.     Sociology(MSc)

4.     Demography(MSc & PhD)

5.     AgriculturalEconomics and Management (MSc in Economics)

Social Work Development Research Center

1.     SocialWork (MSc in Management)

2.     SocialEconomics (MSc in Economics)

Research Institute of Economics and Management

1.     WesternEconomics (MSc in Economics & PhD)

2.     Finance(MSc in Finance & PhD)

3.     IndustrialEconomics (PhD)

4.     Ruraland Regional Development (MSc in Management)

Bachelor | 35 programs for admissions

Master | 98 programs for admissions

Doctoral | 50 programs for admissions

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