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Foundedin 1951, Liaoning University of Technology is located in Jinzhou,a core city in the west of Liaoning province. The campus of the school covesmore than 1000mu and the number of the school students is more than 18000. The universitygives priority to engineering courses and develops all kinds of courses.

  There are 21faculties in LNIT ,7 first class graduate program bases,35 second graduateprogram bases,10 professional graduate program areas and 53 undergraduateprograms.

  We have areasonable-structure and high-level teachers team, including about 1200teachers. Among which there are more than 480 professors and associatedprofessors, a expert from the ODOCC,etc.

   The LNIT hasgreat school conditions and functions. Including 69thousand m^2classrooms, about 5900 computers for studying, 4 training centers and more than60 basic and professional labs. The value of functions is more than 310 millionyuan. The library covers a land which is about 48 thousand m^2 with goodenvironment and more than 1.2 million books; The campus builds greatInternational information base and creates a convenient condition for students’self-education and daily life.

   The LNIT attachimportance to the fostering of technology teams. It has 2 great technology andinnovative teams in Liaoning province. 7 people and 24 people have joined inthe first level outstanding talented person project and the second levelproject separately. 1 personal has joined in Thomson Reuters high citationglobal scientist list.

   The LNIT hasgood studying ability, completing 337 national level and provincial level studytopic, 18 of which get provincial or higher level award, more than 1400 paperswere published., In 2015 and 2016, we came into ESI Chinese university highcitation paper 100 list and forward to the 67th in 2016.

The international communicationand cooperation has great impact. We have established connection with theuniversities of USA, Germany, England and other countries, which strengthensnational influence of the university. Now, we have about 500internationalstudents.

Today, the teachers andstudents of the LNIT have fabulous enthusiasm to make the university the firstlevel university in Liaoning province.


Bachelor’sDegree Program(Taught in English)


ComputerScience & Technology


InternationalEconomy & Trade


Electronics&Information Engineering

Bachelor | 6 programs for admissions

Master | 10 programs for admissions

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  • Основан в: 1951
  • Кампус: 660000square meters
  • Студентов: 20000 (as of 17 December)
  • Международные студенты: 600 (as of 17 December)
  • ГРАНТЫ: Yes
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