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The College of International Education isspecialized in training foreign students. It is one of the first schoolsapproved by the Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students, and it’s alsoone of the schools that can provide Chinese Government Scholarship for foreignstudents. Besides, it is one of the 22 Chinese language education basesconfirmed by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. It isone of the testing centers of Chinese Test of Proficiency (HSK). Cooperatingwith Miami University in Ohio, USA and University of Milan, Italy, our collegeestablished two Confucius Institutes in Miami in 2007 and in Milan in 2009,respectively.

   The college has been recruitinglong term and short term international students in various subjects andcourses, including bachelor’s degree for Chinese language education (dividedinto Chinese language and culture course, and business and trade Chineselanguage course) and master’s degree for Curriculum Design and LanguageTeaching Theories course, and Chinese international education course. Besides,we also recruit foreign students in the courses of Education, psychology,Chinese literature, law, physical education, history, tourism and art, etc.Overall, there are total 83 courses for bachelor’s degree, 160 courses for master’sdegree and 45 courses for PhD degree.

Bachelor | 40 programs for admissions

Master | 28 programs for admissions

Doctoral | 12 programs for admissions

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  • Основан в: 1951
  • Кампус: 1400000square meters
  • Студентов: 40000 (as of 17 December)
  • Международные студенты: 1200 (as of 17 December)
  • ГРАНТЫ: Yes
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